Masters Grill Set

Product Packaging The packaging for this grill set is intentionally subtle, high-end, and male oriented. The idea was to create a look and feel for the successful, uptown man who still likes to have his friends over for football on Sunday, and loves to grill all kinds of creations to impress them. Each piece has […]

Hank Williams

Poster & Jem Case Design This promotional poster and jem case design is clearly influenced by its title “Hank Williams – The Greatest Country Singer of All Time.” I illustrated the hat and the guitar using a subtle palette. I then used a combination of gold type placed on black backgrounds to signify the feel […]

Heroes of ’44

Product Packaging The packaging for this toy soldier set, “Heroes of ‘44”, is simple, yet effective. I started by illustrating a map of the D-Day Invasion, which includes all the important locations of fighting. Though the design is aimed towards children, I put an educational element into the design. Each package has a message “paper […]

2001: A Space Odyessey

DVD Packaging Based on the imagery from the movie, this DVD Package intends to project the same feeling of awe that the movie inspired. I used a simple black bacground combined with a lens flare to give the feeling of space. I then combined it with a brick textured box, intended to be symbolic of […]

Joe Piccillo

Gallery Card The tricky part about this piece was using another artist’s work. I had to maintain Joe Piccillo’s artistic identity while not putting too much of my own design principles into it. I achieved this synthesis by using photos of his work combined with my own typographical sensibilities.

Illinois Institute of Art

Corporate Identity I decided upon this design after many different variations on the interplay between the letters “a” and “i”. I settled on this particular typeface because of the way the curve of the the “i” relaxed and leans on the natural curve of the “a”.

Captain Morgan

Advertisement The image I used of a ship sailing had two things going for it. First, the sheer boldness of the deep blue colors made it a very vibrant image. Second, the perspective that you the viewer are actually aboard the vessel is achieved easily by placing the horizon dead center of the advertisment. The […]

Eastman Chemical Company

Annual Report The object of this particular annual report was to convey the detailed numerical information so it it easily understood by prospective investors. I chose this desaturated red to represent headers and statistics. Eastman (more famous as the sister company of Eastman Kodak) traditionally has used a heavy red and yellow as its corporate […]

What Type of Revolution?

Magazine Layouts These two spreads are from a mag-rag entitled “What Type of Revolution?”, which covers the major typographical movements of the 20th Century. I chose the name because of its obvious play on words. I decided to have the spreads be a very clean layout, because the examples of work being shown are heavily […]

Are Your Tax Dollars….

Page Layout The article is about pork barrel spending in Washington, DC on “bridges to nowhere”, while the Iraq War and Katrina rebuilding is going on. I used a monotone green collage to represent the idea of “back room” pork barrel projects. I then carried that subdued green into the text layout on the next […]

Hatian Vodou

Collateral Design This project was for an exhibit at the Field Museum of Chicago entitled “The Sacred Arts of Hatian Vodou.” I started with the image of fire as particulary symbolic of sacredness and religon. I then manipulated the type to create a mysterious smoke like look. I then adapted the design of the poster […]

New, New Evolution Blues

Video Production The short piece, “The New, New Evolution Blues”, began as a video fundamentals project. My attempt was to take two dimensional images and use video software (in this case Adobe Premier) to move the viewer through them as if it was a three-dimensional space.