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Joseph F. Lindsay began designing in high school, going on to earn a BFA in Visual Communications and becoming in-house designer and project manager for a number of marketing agencies, creating online and print pieces for a variety of campaigns across multiple brands and is currently a freelancer. Joe has been playing guitar, bass and remixing music since his teens and currently is playing bass in Paul's Broken Radio.

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Need design, music or video work? Big or small, Joe's here to help.

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What Joe's Clients Say

"I personally researched and interviewed many of the highest rated graphic artist on Thumbtack and other similar websites. I noticed a disturbing trend. What I discovered is while many people have bios that are exceptional, often they are not the one doing your actual work. In other words, an A-team person smoozes you, gains your confidence, wins the job and then farms it out to a B or C-team person or worse yet, puts your project out for bid on Fiverr or another site for a fraction of what you are being charged. Unfortunately, the more people that touch your project, the more the original idea gets diluted or even corrupted. After an exhaustive search, I settled on Joe for several reasons: He has an extensive background in advertising, graphic design, presentation development, PowerPoint, Keynote and website development. This gives him a very unique perspective when creating a project that can be used for print, digital and other mediums. Many designers are one dimensional which limits your future options. Its not his first rodeo! He is the person who actually does the work. You can actually speak with Joe on the phone. He returns call quickly. His prices are very fair. Joe completed several projects for me before I wrote this review. Anybody can do a good job once. Consistency is what I look for. I am not related to Joseph. I was not paid or even asked to write this. Yes, I am a real person. I have given Joe numerous projects, extensive website work, print media, social media and photo retouching. I can honestly say ,Joe is jimmy-john-freaky-fast with your project! He is not happy until you are happy. He has a very pleasant personality, a great attitude and has never seemed frustrated, put off, inconvenienced or annoyed by my requests. He is honest. The initial price quoted is always what you pay when the project is finished. Working with Joe is the biggest no brainer in the history of earth. I could not be more happy and I am VERY hard to please."

Terry Watson, Easify, Inc.

"When I started my business years ago, I wanted to find a skilled, professional, and creative webmaster. I'm so thankful I found Joe Lindsay! His hard work, accessibility and creativity have been invaluable. If you are looking to create a high-quality website, I highly recommend you hire Joe."

Pres Vasilev, Professional Speaker, Sales Expert, Executive Speech Coach

"I have been working with jfl3creative for years. I can honestly say that Joe runs one of the best design, website and digital content enterprises I've ever worked with! He is reliable and his skillset is absolutely phenomenal. I love working with jfl3creative when I'm launching creative projects. Joe is upbeat and he does simply amazing work!"

Gail King, gailking.com

"As a small business start-up, I needed a presence on the internet to effectively market my product. However, faced with a limited budget and no professional staff, I needed a company flexible enough to provide both graphics and web design. After an exhaustive search, I found an organization that radiated with passion, experience, confidence, and great customer service. Thank you for all your help and ongoing support."

Darryl J. Howard, Investoristics, LLC

"Joe has successfully managed my site for years, making necessary improvements and keeping the site running optimally. A great web designer!"

Jennifer Litwin, Lifestyle Reporter

"Two years ago I had the idea of starting a Podcast. I urgently needed a web page to serve as the foundation. Joe was quickly able to develop a highly attractive page for me which met my needs perfectly. He also gave me some basic training on how to edit the site and post items on my own. Joe has always been available to assist me with questions and updates. Now, after two years and 50 or more podcasts, the site has served me well."

Mark T. Fraley, Host, The Mark Fraley Podcast

"I have been contracting Joe for many years. He has been a value to our agency, taking his work seriously and ensuring that our customers are satisfied with the end product. I can't say enough good things about him."

Randi Ertz, Chief Creator of Opportunities, Mercova Media

Design Examples

Need design, music or video work? Big or small, Joe's here to help.

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Design Examples

Joseph F. Lindsay provides design services and consulting for all sizes of projects:

Web Design Solutions
Social Media & Email Solutions
Marketing Materials - Print & Digital
Presentations & Course Materials
Video Editing & Production

Design Examples

Need design, music or video work? Big or small, Joe's here to help.

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Music Examples

Joseph F. Lindsay (Indiana Joe Lindsay) has been playing and remixing music since his late teens. Previously, Joe focused on rhythm guitar and vocals, now he focuses on playing bass with a number of bands and at jam night sessions of blues, rock, punk and country. He currently plays in Paul's Broken Radio and is available as a sideman. Under the name The Hippie Ripper, Joe makes remixes and original backing tracks for video and other projects.

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